Object 703 II Heavy Tank 1:35 Resin Kit

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1/35 scale, unpainted resin kit.

Machine gun included

Accessories excluded

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The concept of mounting two guns in a single turret was implemented back in the late 1930s in the KV tank. The ST-II heavy tank with a dual-barreled gun project was developed during the final stages of World War II. It was based on the idea that a combat vehicle should have maximum firepower. It existed only in blueprints.

4 reviews for Object 703 II Heavy Tank 1:35 Resin Kit

  1. gridiron

    Resinscales is very serious and the model is very good. I hope to see more of the German E series

  2. louis la

    I modified it a little bit and simply put on the soil.

  3. Terry xu

    Good details

  4. rocketman

    Very good turret casting pattern is great

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