T-100 LT Soviet light tank 1:35 scale resin kit

1/35 scale, unpainted resin kit.

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The T-100 LT is a Soviet light tank.

In the mid-60s the Soviet Army Command decided a new low-profile airborne light tank was needed. Research Institute No.100 was assigned with the carrying out of the project. To put the basis of the new light tank, components and assemblies were taken from ChTZ’s BMP Object 765.

To create an easy-to-produce airborne and land tank, Institute 100 (VNII-100) took a classic layout with rear engine placement and the position of the driver in the compartment at the left side. The design of BMP Object 765 propusion systems were used in development and, in connection with the new modified engine compartment volume (MTO) and a decrease in body height, undergone significant changes. The chassis (according to one schematic) was developed as semi-supported after the model of BMP “Object 765”. The tank was to be transported by AN-12 aircraft and parachuted to landing.

ChTZ’s BMP “Object 765”, basis vehicle of the T-100 light tank, that also became the BMP-1 later.
In a joint operation with GSKB-47 (design bureau 162), under the command of L.S. Troyanova, preliminary layout study was held in preparation for the development of a primary weapon complex, which was to be carried out by head engineer A.A. Timofeev. It was comprised of a new 100mm active-reactive missile launching system with increasing cumulative projectile armor penetration at range, capable of being effective at 400m up to 1200m. The light tank project, at this point, was given the designation T-100, also called VNII-100 project in blueprints after the institute name.

1/35 scale, unpainted resin kit.